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We deal in several activities or businesses such as importation and exportation of different types of products such as construction materials, fruits, vegetables, food stuffs, Beverages and Coffee

Farm Equipment

At our agriculture dealership locations, we sell the highest quality new and used High end Farm equipment and in the industry. We provide our customers with the support they need through our Parts and Service departments. 


Buying and Exportation of Coffee Beans

We deal  in growing of green beans of Robusta and Arabica coffee. Our farms in Luweero and Mbale seated on more then 100 acres of land has managed  us to produce coffee for exportation in large quantities.

In addition to coffee from our farms, we also buy coffee directly from the farmers  and take it for processing and packaging in order to export it to the international market.

This includes the process of cleaning, drying and grading before packaging, coffee is packaged in 60 kgs bags ready for export.
The good relationship with  farmers and processors in Uganda dealing in coffee growing and processing has helped us build channels to obtain the best quality coffee in the region.


Importation and Exportation

Our export and import operations started with raw materials and grew to encompass components, products and equipment for affiliated joint ventures.

To keep pace with changing business environment we also act as a distributor for overseas companies in Asia, Europe and America, following the best products to import and export such construction material, foods and beverages and cereals.

The chain starts from Uganda to South Sudan and then other countries, in addition to regular trading we carry out regulatory research in order copy up with the updated regulations in all countries where we export our products.

This  help us with the knowledge of exports and exports of any country that that allows us to speed up and we meet our customers trading and financial needs.


Construction Materials

We deal in Many naturally occurring substances, such as clay, rocks, sand, wood, and even twigs and leaves, have been used to construct buildings. Apart from naturally occurring materials, many man-made products are in use, some more and some less synthetic. The manufacturing of building materials is an established industry in many countries and the use of these materials is typically segmented into specific specialty trades, such as carpentry, insulation, plumbing, and roofing work. They provide the makeup of habitats and structures including home.


Fruits and Vegetables

We provide the best quality of fruits and Vegetables such as Avocados, Matooke, Apples, Pineapples, Passion Fruits, Mangoes, Hot pepper, Chilli, Yam, Ginger, Sweet Potatoes (Red and White) fresh Beans and dry Beans, Gnuts buy growing and buying. We harvest every product at its pitch of perfection with the need of them reaching the international market with great freshness. We grow and buy in order to increase on the quantity of the products for export. We export to east African countries mostly south Sudan, Europe, America and Asia


Foods and Beverages

With its main activities spreading to procure, process and export, quality agro commodities, cereals and pulses. we have the experience in the agro produce business in east Africa. we have firmly established ourselves as a leading trader/ importer/ exporter and distributor for food commodities including sugar, rice, Beans, Maize flour, wheat flour and Sesame


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Kampala City (Uganda)

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    P.O.Box 7718 Kampala Uganda
  • +256 703 104 984

Juba City (South Sudan)

  • Hai Malakia Mrahaba Road
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